Pricing There's always a Pratva license suitable for you.



Experience all the power of Pratva with our test-drive plan. You'll have a glimpse on how far you can go.

  • With Free plan, you have:
  • 20-table limit
  • 1-project limit
  • View-only diagram sharing
  • Create and Alter SQL scripts
Start now - it's FREE!

* Both users need a Pro license in order to be able to edit the shared diagram.

Common Questions

What else do I get if I pay for Pro?

You get unlimited everything, team management and a lot more! Please check our Feature Matrix and make your decision.

If I'm Pro, will my Free mates be able to edit my diagrams?

No, unfortunately not. Even if you'll be able to share it in edit mode with anyone you want, your mates will need a Pro license in order to successfully edit it.

What if I don't want to pay Pro anymore?

If your diagrams exceeded the Free limit, unfortunately it'll become unavailable. It'll happen after 60 of the last payment.

Can I print my diagrams also

Yes, of course! You just need to print it right from your browser!

Can I share my diagrams with my clients?

Sure, why not?! Simply share it in view-only mode. No license will be required for your client to view it.

Is it as awesome as it looks like?

Yes, it is. ;)